The Spirit of Texas Complete Curriculum

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The Spirit of Texas Reproducible Book

Over 80 maps, games, activities, and worksheets are provided in this book, packed full with hands-on experiences and critical thinking skills.


​Whether you are a homeschool, public, private, or charter school teacher . . . or even a grandparent or parent who wants to pass on your love of Texas history, "The Spirit of Texas" award-winning curriculum will provide your students with the foundation needed to understand the heroic men and women, the fantastic stories of conquest and bravery, the beauty and intrigue of the land, as well as the important basics of Texas government.

This cross-curricular experience is comprised of three separate books: 

* The Daily Reader: The textbook for daily reading assignments. 

                                         **Gold Medallion Winner: Will Rogers Medallion Book Award  

* The Activity Guide: Over 500 cross-curricular activities to be paired with daily reading assignments.

* The Reproducible Book: Over 80 maps, worksheets, and games included.

Written and developed by a team of Texas history teachers and authors, this curriculum will help your students view Texas as a source of pride and ongoing interest in its unique and incomparable story.


The Spirit of Texas Daily Reader

Take a walk through Texas history and learn all about the land, the Native Americans, Texas government, and the history of the people of the Lone Star State in this award-winning book.


The Spirit of Texas

Texas History Curriculum

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The Spirit of Texas Activity Guide

Over 500 unique and fun cross-curricular activities are included to accompany excerpts from the Daily Reader: science, math, geography, art, music, copy work, writing, cooking, and more. Help your students "live" Texas history through the numerous suggested experiences.