Imagine a book with over 50 writing prompts, all with a Texas history theme!

Various writing techniques and skills are offered to give your students practice in not only putting their thoughts and stories into words, but also understanding and remembering Texas's amazing and unforgettable history.

Each activity begins with a short explanation of the topic or history, followed by a writing prompt and a full page to complete the activity.

Writing skills include:                                          Texas topics include:

* prediction essay                                                   * Texas symbols

* descriptive writing                                                * Texas regions

* persuasive writing                                                * Explorers

* narrative fiction                                                    * Native Americans

* poetry                                                                   * Missions

* retelling a story                                                    * Filibusters

* brainstorming                                                       * Empresarios

* expository/informative essay                               * Revolution

* literary hooks                                                       * Republic of Texas

* social media posts                                               * Statehood

* opinion essay                                                       * Civil War

* plot twists                                                             * Cattle and Ranching

* "how to" essay                                                     * 20th Century Texas

* formal letter writing                                              * Texas Government

* moral dilemmas                                                   * and more!

* irony

* similes and metaphors

* memoir with flashbacks

* newspaper article

* song writing

* ghost story

* and much more!


Written by the award-winning author of "Magnificent Sam: The Amazing Adventures of Sam Houston" and the co-author of "The Spirit of Texas" history curriculum.