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Amanda Lynn Photography

Photographer: Deanna Ford

Deanna Ford is a wife, mother of three, and photographer at Life in Low Aperture. She and her family live in Burleson, Texas. She is actively involved in her children's lives and her church community.

Deanna's work can be found at .

"The Miracle" is her first book.


Illustrator: Travis Dougherty

Travis Dougherty resides in Houston, Texas, where he is an architect, husband, and father of two sons. He is actively involved in his church and in his children's lives, but found time to illustrate both "Founders' Fables" and "Magnificent Sam." Coming from a family with multiple generations of teachers and artists, Travis has always been interested in education and how his design skills can make a difference within and beyond the world of architecture. Travis is available to speak to both children and adults on the topics of Sam Houston and the process of illustrating children's books.


Author: Laurie Cockerell

Laurie Cockerell is a wife and mother of four children. She is a former school teacher and adoption caseworker/manager, and currently homeschools her nine year old twins. Laurie is the award-winning author of three books: "Founders' Fables: Ten Tales for Future Patriots," "Magnificent Sam: The Amazing Adventures of Sam Houston," and "The Miracle." She collaborated with her brother, Travis Dougherty, on two of these books, and was delighted to work with her friend and photographer Deanna Ford on "The Miracle."

Laurie is the owner of Kinderfable Press and lives in Fort Worth, Texas. She frequently speaks to both children and adults on the life of Sam Houston, the topic "Raising Patriots," and the writing process for kids.