For ages 5 to adult

Help your child understand the principles of the Founding Fathers with ten different fun and memorable fables.



For ages 5-10

A girl discovers the miracle of life

after finding a tiny, blue speckled egg.


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The Reproducible Book contains over 80 maps, worksheets, and templates to support the many suggested reinforcing exercises in the Activity Guide.


Imagine Texas offers over 50 Texas-themed creative writing prompts.


The Activity Guide offers over 500 different creative cross-curricular activities to reinforce lessons from the Daily Reader.


The Daily Reader is the foundation of "The Spirit of Texas" history curriculum. Read about Texas regions, Native Americans, heroes and history, state government, and more in this award-winning book!


At Kinderfable Press, we believe that children's books should become family treasures. Our books offer stories that will inspire patriotism, honor for our country's great heroes, and respect for the amazing miracle of life. 

Each book is unique in theme, but all promote strong and traditional values and provide an opportunity for further discussion and understanding. We urge you to explore each of our books, and consider adding them to your family's library.


For ages 8-16

A beautifully illustrated biography of Texas's - and one of America's -

greatest heroes.